Idol Lash Reviews: Proven Results or Not Worth the Cash?

Idol Lash Reviews

If you look in the mirror and sometimes wish you could change your short, sparse eyelashes without having to apply layers of clumpy mascara, messing with false eyelashes, or spending a fortune on extensions, you’re not alone.

One of biggest complaints women have is about their short, thin, or excessively light eyelashes. Whether you have light hair – and therefore light eyelashes – or heredity has given you a set of lashes that are too thin or short, you probably have looked for a way to get more luxurious lashes at one time or another.

Idol Lash is a product that may help you achieve the eyelashes you want in a matter of weeks, without harsh chemicals or expensive salon treatments. Let’s take a look at why this product might work for you.

What Is Idol Lash?

Idol Lash is a topical treatment that you apply to the base of your upper and lower lashes. It is actually classified as an eyelash stimulator in the cosmeceutical (cosmetic science) industry. This means that while it encourages growth with natural stimulants, it is also conditioning them to keep them supple and healthy with a number of proteins and vitamins.

Idol Lash uses all-natural ingredients like cocoyl, keratin, honey extract, kelp extract, chamomile, and polypeptides in its formula, unlike some of the other eyelash enhancing products that have actually been banned from the market for containing harsh chemicals.

Cocoyl derived from coconut, keratin which normally comes from wool, and natural extracts from honey, chamomile, and kelp have been known for centuries to benefit the hair, skin, and nails of humans.

Combined in just the right amounts these ingredients along with a few others in the Idol Lash formulation have proven to increase eyelash density by up to 82% in about 2 to 4 weeks.

Idol Lash

What Do the Reviews Say?

The most common theme we discovered in researching reviews of people who have used Idol Lash is that it requires patience, but after consistent use for about a month, women said they looked like they were wearing eye makeup even when they weren’t.

“This does work for me. It isn’t over night, but with continued use it has improved my eyelash thickness, length and has helped with growing more lashes where they were spotty on the lash line. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

– Cinamonbear, online shopping site

“Stunning lashes that get me ready for photo shoots, magazine spreads and the red carpet. Sexy    eyelashes that just pop off the page. Idol Lash is one of the most essential products in my beauty bag, and always has me ready for my close up. I wouldn’t go to a shoot without it!”

– Nicole, company web site

“Idol Lash has helped us so much, our eyelashes are much thicker and fuller now. All the cute guys are eating it right up! THANK YOU!!!”

– Jessica & Caroline, company web site

“I can’t believe how great Idol Lash is! Every time I look in the mirror, I’m so happy to see beautiful sexy eyelashes staring back at me. Thanks, Idol Lash!”

– Tracy, company web site

Idol Lash Before After

Who Makes Idol Lash?

Idol Lash was developed by a team of cosmetic science specialists. This team was determined to bring the best, most advanced, eyelash growth stimulator and enhancer possible to the market using clinically proven safe and beneficial ingredients.

As a company in business for more than 15 years, Idol Lash has proven itself as a trustworthy competitor across the beauty market and around the world. Learn why in our in-depth investigation of the independent clinical studies performed to test the effectiveness of the Idol Lash growth serum.

Idol Lash believes in the enhancement of beauty for all women including those who are born without the perfections of inherent beauty. Using this serum can help you reverse some of the results of our daily lives that can rob the luster and sparkle from our eyes:

  • Eye rubbing
  • Lack of sleep
  • Chemicals
  • Poor nutrition
  • Age

How Does It Work?

It really only takes about five minutes to apply the Idol Lash product and it’s usually applied at night or bedtime. The steps are pretty simple:

1. Remove old makeup.
2. Apply Idol Lash to baseline of upper and lower lashes.

Throughout the night the product will supply nutrients, growth enhancement, proteins, vitamins, and rejuvenating minerals to your eyelashes.

Whether your sparse eyelashes are hereditary or a result of stress, medical treatments, or repeated use of false lashes or extensions, Idol Lash will enhance the luster, density, and length of your natural lashes to help you look your best – with or without makeup.

To be absolutely sure you are getting the clinically proven Idol Lash product, be sure you order from the official website. There you will find different options for purchasing, including an opportunity to save money by buying in bulk.

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